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 History of FC Aurora 

FC Aurora


   FC Aurora counts its history since the fall of 1988 when the Leningrad-thread spinning mill Kirov was founded women's football team. Already in 1989, the Aurora made its debut in the championship of USSR Trade Unions. Then, two years under the name "Prometheus" played in the championship of the Soviet Union, and December 22, 1992 was created by FC Aurora, and the team regained its former name "Aurora". In 1993, the team showed its best results in football - in eighth place. In 2005, after a ten-year break, Aurora has returned to the big football, playing in the first division, then two seasons in the top.



   1. Team achievement masters:


   Aurora is headed by President and head coach, Honored Worker of Physical Culture of Russia, Honored coach of Russia, E.P. Batkin.


   In autumn 1994, the Aurora made its debut in the championship of Russia on a mini-football, where for eight seasons, five times a silver medal and two bronze, four-time winner was the Russian Cup (1995, 1996, 1998 and 2000.). After six years in 2008, the Aurora again won the bronze medals, and in 2009 the silver medals.


   In 2010, FC "Aurora has made a golden double by winning the Championship and Cup of Russia on a mini-football for women.


   From 2002 to 2007, the Aurora successfully performed in the futsal tournament, where three times won the title of Russia, was twice a silver medalist, three times getting the Cup of the country.


   Especially significant team success in the international arena. "Aurora" was five times winner of the European Cup. The team has successfully performed at various international tournaments in 14 countries. In 2004, the Russian team players of the team won the European title - 6 people, and in 2006 - a world title - 9. National team led by Edward Batkin, and helped him Svetlana Prorvina.


   In 2010, Aurora became the bronze medalist at the Nations Cup mini-football in Portugal.

Team to help prepare Svetlana Prorvina and Victor Chuev.


   The team is based largely on local personnel who have successfully prepares to

For 13 years SDYUSSHOR - 2.


   FC Aurora produced 2 players who received the title: "World-class athlete" in football, 1 - "Master of Sports" Football, "Master of Sport" on the mini-soccer set - 15, completed and submitted to the award - 8 attendees.


 The title "Master of sports of international class," given the 1920 Futsal football player of the Aurora, the title of "Master of Sport" Futsal got 10 players.


 As part of the youth national team of Russia on football:


 -The 2005 European champions have three players SDYUSSHOR number 2 Aurora: Afanasova, Filisova, Ivanova;


- In 2007 at the European Championship Under-19 Championship took place 3 - 3 players;


- In 2006, have become parties to the World Cup to 20 years - 3 people.


In the national team and 17 years was involved in a ward of the Aurora, a team of 15 - 4 persons.


   In the national team of Russia on a mini-football until 2002 were caused by more than 10 people from FC Aurora. At present, the Russian national team includes 10 players of the Aurora.


 Bronze medalist at the World among the students were 4 player of the Aurora (Semenova, Khakimova, Kuznetsova, Ivanickaya). In an experimental World Cup mini-football among national teams third place was occupied by 4 people. In addition to the squad for Russia includes graduates SDYUSSHOR number 2 Aurora Filisova Maria and Tatiana Deripasko acting NV for Penza «Laguna – UOR».


2. Work Junior Sports School:


 In February 1997, based on the Youth-2 Nevsky district in conjunction with FC "Aurora" was a branch of the Women's mini-soccer coach children's teams became the SA Prorvina. 26.10. 2005, thanks to the success of mini-football offices Youth 2 Nevsky district was renamed SDYUSSHOR № 2.


Currently, the department has 6 coaches:


Prorvina SA, Chuev VA, Vasilyeva EV, Packer NA - Coaches of the highest category, Timofeev AA, Kerzhkovskaya SG - Coaches Category 2;


Trained: 209 athletes aged 7 to 18 years.


Senior coach Branch - Prorvina SA Education - (GAFK them. PFLesgaft, 1996). Sports titles - "Master of Sports of Russia".


From 2001 to present: Prorvina - senior coach masters Aurora.


In 2004 he received the title: "Honoured Coach of Russia".


3. Honors Junior School:


   Between 1997 and 2010 girls team repeatedly became prize-winners and winners of the Russian Championship in their age groups in football, futsal and futsal.


 So the winners of the Championship of Russia on mini-football girl stood in the years 1997,1998,1999,2000,2009,2010. At the same time in 2010, teams SDYUSSHOR 2 - Aurora failed to win Russian Championships finals in 3 age groups.


   In a team of masters "Aurora" is currently played by 4 graduate (Kuznetsova Olga Semenova Margarita, Svetlana Ignatieva, Afanasova Victoria) and 7 students (Sukhanova Linda, Anastasia Ivanova, Alpatova Alina, SIKSNE Julia, Trigub Mary, Anastasia Pankova, Gamidova Elnara) SDYUSSHOR.


 In addition, over the years at the Aurora played and achieve success for more than 20 high school graduates (Chetchueva Tatiana, Kristina Korobov, Trusova Anna, Stakhovskaya Christina, Nemirskaya Anna, Makarova Alexandra, Filisova Maria, Elena Ivanova, Slaschinina Christina, Zhamanakova Maria, Solovieva Olga, Danilova Anna, Karina Tashkulova, Morina Tatiana, Obmoina Julia, Polyakova Anna, Priluchnaya Julia, Svetlana Akimova and others).


 In other clubs currently our pupils perform in the Championship of Russia on a mini-soccer (Premier League) - 3 persons (Deripasko Tatiana, Filisova Maria, Zakharov, Eugeniya) in the Russian Premier League: in the big leagues - 4 persons. (Polyakova Anna, Slaschinina Christina Tashkulova Karina, Elena Ivanova), in the first league - more than 10 people.


   The gate of the national team defends Maria Zhamanakova.

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